The prop department

Around 2009 Iris started making Glass Bead Fairies. From early on we thought the best way to show them to viewers and customers on our websites was to capture them in a natural or mystical setting. We often went to a forest nearby to photograph the Elves and Fairies.

In 2014 we moved to a small house in a village nearby. It had a fine garden with trees and a nice pond. So all the ‘decor’ was at our doorstep. But sometimes there are themes than invite to make something!

In 2019 we started on a book to showcase the lampwork art Iris makes. That book is delayed sadly, for we have been busy doing other things, but we are still working on it. For this book we wanted some special glass work an decors. And trying some ideas got me using background decor more often for our weekly series of glass beads also. Mostly very simple. Not like the larger decors for the book.

By 2018 we introduced also small decors in the form of special glass bead displays. Now, if customers did not use the glass beads to wear, they could display them. These displays often contain additional glass work like tiny detailed birds. We like them to ‘tell’ little stories.

A little look behind the scenes! 😉

A new decor in the making: ancient temple with Gargoyle.

A piece of wood and some paint to create a raoring ocean.

Some clay and stones become a valley with a large troll (turned to stone).

One of the larger decors for the book and the River Dragon decor model.

Glass birds and sculpted tree trunk and rock bases.

Owl study model and Owl and Badger made of glass.

A nice piece of wood becomes a hillside.

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