Elves of the Crow Clan

A new “theme” this year are the Elves of the Crow Clan. Black robes, metal masks, The caps are etched to create a mat effect. Some have a steel or brass staff with a glass crow shaped knob.

New glass beads and some new ideas

A little view on what we made the last weeks. Some requests made for customers and glass beads for our website. Also two drawn designs to be made in glass later.
Yesterday we listed a new series in our shop. There are still some design available.

A preview of today’s series

We will list a new series of Glass Bead Fairies and Elves in our Etsy shop today. The flowers and the green leaves are slowely reappearing in the garden so they are the inspiration for most of this weeks series.

Preview with a spring touch

A little preview on the glass beads we are going to list in our Etsy shop this evening (CET). Many spring designs like blossom Elves and Fairies and an easter bunny with easter eggs.


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About us

Iris Francissen

Eleven years ago Iris started lampworking. Developing skills rapidly with a keen eye for detail she soon made beads in her own unique style. at first Iris made beads for necklaces and other jewelry but soon after that magical little fairy folk bead figurines. The figurines are very detailed being about 2,5 to 3,5 cm. Some even with flower petals of a single millimeter incorporated into their designs.

Marcel Grotens

Working as an illustrator and graphic designer Marcel soon became involved with Iris’ work, suggesting glass fairies and fantasy creatures. He draws and sculpts bead designs, makes display bases and photographs the bead figurines in a natural environment. Marcel also tends the Etsy shop Glass Bead Fairies and is currently designing a book showcasing the work of Iris.

We started designing Fairies, Elves and other Little Folk in 2009. Iris has been making lampwork art in our home studio since 2007. Many designs are inspired by nature, which we care hughly about. The forests and riverside’s near the village where we live and the garden surrounding our house are the places where our designs begin really. These locations also provide the decor for the photographs.

Iris started making glassbeads to make her on jewelry, funny part being she never wears jewelry herself. Here are some samples of her jewelry using braided cotton and glass only.

Bracelet ‘Pip’, by Iris. 2009.
Bracelet ‘Mera’ by Iris. 2009.
Then came the Fairy designs… to be continued.


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