New Fairies and Elves

It's been some time since we posted something new here. That does not mean we have not been busy making some new glass little folk. Here are some recently made onces.

New Japanese Elves designs

The Japanese elves we have made have been very populair from the start. So Iris came up with some new designs for them wearing colourful kimono's.

The prop department

In 2019 we started on a book to showcase the lampwork art Iris makes. That book is delayed sadly, but we are still working on it. We wanted to make some special glass work an decors for the book. And that got me using background decor more often for our weekly series of glass beads as well. A little look behind the scenes 😉

Preparing Three new special sets

Today we are busy finishing three exclusive sets. Only one will be made of each. We've made a Rainforest Elf set with Toucan, Palm Weevil, Hercules beetle and flowers. Then a Meadow Elf set with Hoopoe and flowers. And also a set with a Witch, Crow and Pumpkins.

Two exclusive Glass bead sets

This week we finished two special glass bead sets. The first "Encounter with Hedgehogs". The second "A Resting Place for the Night" is the largest glass bead set we made untill now and is an exclusive set.