Two exclusive Glass bead sets

This week we finished two special glass bead sets. The first “Encounter with Hedgehogs”, will be featured in our Etsy shop coming weekend. The second “A Resting Place for the Night” is the largest glass bead set we made untill now and is an exclusive set. It contains the following glasswork: three Woodland Elves, a Barn Owl, a Badger, two mice, a lantern and two Fy Agaric Mushrooms.

All glasswork, except the Elves and the lanterns, is glued to the display. The elves and lanterns can be removed from the display with ease and can also be used on a pendant.

Inqueries for the “A Resting place for the Night” set are welcome via our mailform.

A Resting place for the Night
An encounter with Hedgehogs

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