A New Year

We wish all visitors a happy new year with good health and hope the pandemic will come to an end soon. We have a little preview for saturday’s listing and some info about our Etsy shop.

New designs!

This new year we like to expand our world of fantasy glass bead figurines even more. We have loads of ideas drawn and next to that Iris likes to create new designs while at the flame. There also will be some special sets this year.


We have a temporary stop on request for we want to make the ones allready on the list first before adding new requests to the list.

Shipping or storing?

Although shipping to most countries is going faster than in the begining of the COVID-19 pandemic some shipments can be delayed because of measures of postal services. Shipping is facing serious delays in some countries. We hope you will understand that we cannot be responsable for postal delays. We know we are asking for a lot of trust so please, read our shipping policy in our Etsy shop prior to purchase.

Because shipping worldwide with tracking option is expensive (almost 30 euro’s) we can store your order till postal services are back to normal or whenever you want us to shipp. Storing your order is also possible for orders with standard shipping or to save up orders to send combined with tracking option. Please send us a message when you want to use one of these options after your purchase.

The upcoming book ‘Glass Bead Fairies, Lampwork art of Iris Francissen’

We are still working on the book that showcases Iris’ lampwork art. The process is seeing a bit delay for different reasons. Marcel wants to redo some decor models, Iris has to make some special designs for the book. And the selection out of thousands of photo’s takes up a bit more time than anticipated. But we will be working on it and keep you posted here!

A little preview

So here are some of the designs that will be listed tomorrow.

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