Elves of the Crow Clan

A new "theme" this year are the Elves of the Crow Clan. Black robes, metal masks, The caps are etched to create a mat effect. Some have a steel or brass staff with a glass crow shaped knob.

Preview with a spring touch

A little preview on the glass beads we are going to list in our Etsy shop this evening (CET). Many spring designs like blossom Elves and Fairies and an easter bunny with easter eggs.

Preview for this week

No listing in our show this weekend the weather this weekend is simply to bad for taking pictures. It has been some time ago that we have seen this kind of snow over here in the Netherlands. The glass beads in this preview will be amongst the ones listed later this week.

Special designs

Some special designs. The Elven scout set we made as a Christmas present for someone dear to us. The Queen of the Snow Elves will be featured in our shop later this evening (western European time). The Lampwork is by Iris the display bases are made by Marcel. And the wooden bases a friend of us made out of pear wood.